Understanding Cellular Language via Exosomes for Developing Novel Drug Delivery Strategies

Understanding how immune-heterogeneity leverages cellular diversity to achieve the adaptivity and flexibility in immune-responses is a grand challenge, which plays essential roles in the precision immunotherapy, regenerative medicine, autoimmune diseases, and infectious diseases. Such mechanistic studies inspire novel drug delivery strategies.


Science Discovery

Our research group focuses on the long-distance, non-contact cellular communications controlled via extracellular vesicles and exosomes, which is the key mechanism for developing novel drug delivery and therapeutics. We adapt innovative technologies for science discovery, such as 3D bioprinting, nano/biomaterials, 3D microfluidic platform, and artificial intelligent data analytics. Our projects are well funded by NIH. The main projects include: 1) Exosome delivery based CRISPR gene therapy in treating children hearing loss 2) Nano-transfection for cellular factory programming 3) 3D bioprinting for biomimicking TIME tissue system 4) Artificial Intelligence directed in vivo delivery targeting 5) Microfluidic high-throughput single cell CRISPR imaging to reveal the cues in exosome mediated cancer immunotherapy


Translational Research

We strive to take research results from the laboratory into the Biotech Pharma Industry, clinics, and patient bedside, through a variety of efforts, including technology transfer, starting startup companies, and collaborations with oncologists. Our lab filed more than 12 patents and first product is launched by the startup Clara Biotech for solving the bottleneck challenges in obtaining homogeneous pure subtypes of exosomes.



We have been actively involved in the STEM education. Our research group offers undergraduate research positions and K-12 student research positions. We also highly prompt girls to continue their research interests and develop research career path in the field of STEM. Several key projects include 1) Recycling plastic waste into 3D printable filament for value creation; 2) 3D printing of face shield for health workers to combat COVID-19.


Four laser channel ZetaView for Nanoparticle tracking analysis, sizing, surface marker and zeta potential characteriz

BioTek Cytation 5 live cell imaging multi-mode reader

EnvisionTec 3D bioplotter for live cell printing

Nanoview ExoView R100 for extracellular vesicle multi marker characterization

Microfluidic 3D printer for micro-device fabrication

Cell culture room

Cold storage room